Welcome to BEARS!

BEARS (Berkeley Educators and Administrators Regional Services) provides administrative support services to the Chancellor's, EVCP, Vice Chancellors', administrative, auxiliary, and other units that support academic excellence at UC Berkeley. Not only is BEARS the largest region, it supports the largest variety of personnel positions that make Berkeley such a fascinating place to work.

At a university as large and diverse as Berkeley, we understand that no one solution fits all needs. At BEARS, we have assembled a team that is dedicated to learning about and understanding the unique needs, opportunities, and challenges you are facing in your unit. As we strengthen our collaboration with your unit, we are confident that this will lead to continually improving support services.

We look forward to meeting with you and learning more about how we can support you.


Lori Tannyhill
BEARS Regional Director

Marc Fisher BEARS
Regional Vice Chancellor

Want to Recognize Great Service?

Use the “High Fives” Program to nominate a Berkeley Regional Services colleague to receive an Amazon gift card. Your nomination can be submitted by clicking on this link and taking a few moments and fill out the form.

Looking for other services? 

Most other campus services, including Information Technology, are centralized and housed in various departments.

Visit the Campus Systems page for information and links to other services.

We want your feedback! 

Use the BEARS feedback form to provide feedback (we welcome both positive or constructive) on a transaction, process, system, staff member and/or other aspects of the services provided by BEARS.